Every teacher has creative and innovative ideas to help their students engage in learning. Unfortunately, classroom budgets do not leave much for purchasing the supplies to bring those ideas to fruition. Each year, our classroom grant program provides teachers across Pasco County with the financial resources they need to inspire learning amongst their students.

Applications are now closed and being reviewed by district leaders. Announcements should be made by mid-October!

Year-end reviews for recipients are due 6/1/2023.
To view the required year-end review form click here.


The following is a list of focus areas in which you can apply. For a list of additional criteria please click here.
Individual projects have a limit of $1000, group projects may vary.

·         Agriculture
·         Art & Music (Fine Arts)
·         Career & Technical Education
·         English
·         Environmental & Ecology
·         Exceptional Student
·         Health & Physical Education
·         Language Acquisition
·         Literacy
·         Mathematics
·         Reading (Elementary)
·         Reading (Secondary)
·         Science
·         Social Studies
·         Technology
·         Writing