About Us

About Us

Our Mission Statement:


The Pasco Education Foundation, Inc. advances student achievement and invests community resources to enrich educational opportunities for students and educators.

2022/2023 Impact Summary

History and Purpose:


The Pasco Education Foundation, Inc. was established in February of 1991 to increase involvement in Pasco County’s public schools, to channel funds from the private sector into programs enhancing public education, to encourage imaginative and creative approaches to teaching, and to recognize and reward excellence in education. The Foundation is a direct support, nonprofit, 501(c) 3 organization providing support for programs where tax dollars cannot be used and where budgets fall short.

Since its inception, many committed individuals, businesses, and organizations have contributed time and money to support the Foundation’s work, enabling the Foundation to disburse nearly $1,000,000 each year to fund creative teaching grants, scholarships, awards, program support, staff development, and educational materials to the students and staff of Pasco County Schools.  In addition, numerous in-kind contributions and supplies, as well as volunteer hours, are donated by local businesses and civic-minded individuals and organizations to help achieve our mission.

The Pasco Education Foundation, Inc. is comprised of a 20-member Board of Directors, including representatives of local businesses and community organizations.  Members of the Board of Directors serve two-year terms, and many have continued on for several terms.  Foundation staff and board members are dedicated to advancing student achievement in Pasco County Schools. Board members and staff actively participate in Foundation events and on committees. They are committed to helping provide quality education to prepare all students to be college, career, and life ready.