Our Approach


Our program is based on the principle that given extensive support, motivation, and accountability, children will work hard to ensure that they graduate from high school and attain a college degree. We achieve success through an innovative multi-year program model:

  • Providing low-income children with a caring volunteer mentor, a college success coach, and a college scholarship.
  • Engaging parents, teachers, students, and the community in making a difference.
  • Employing a sustainable public-private college scholarship and student services funding model that is successful and scalable.

College scholarships and student services are funded through a unique public-private fundraising model. Locally we recruit and train volunteers within the student’s community to provide mentoring services to our children. Take Stock’s approach has been recognized nationally for its innovation and efficacy. In September of 2014, as part of its “The Mentoring Project,” Esquire Magazine showcased Take Stock in Children as a Best in Class program.


1. Student Promise: Self Accountability

Since 1995, more than 16,000 children in the State of Florida have been enrolled in the Take Stock in Children program. Upon selection, students and parents/guardians sign contracts agreeing to fulfill specific performance standards. To be awarded their scholarships, students must stay in school, maintain good grades, exhibit good behavior, remain crime and drug-free, and meet with their mentors once a week. Students are held accountable; if they do not fulfill our program standards, they risk losing their valuable college scholarship.

2. Parental Involvement: Increasing the Chances of Success

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for supporting and encouraging their children’s academic success by:

  • Developing positive relationships with teachers, mentors, school administrators, and Take Stock in Children staff.
  • Playing active roles in the educational, cultural, and school-based activities of their child.

3. Motivation and Support: Volunteer Mentoring

Each child is matched with a caring adult mentor who meets with the student at his/her school for an hour each week. These volunteer mentors are recruited, trained, supported, monitored, and evaluated by the Take Stock in Children local programs. Mentors provide academic and behavioral motivation, guidance, friendship, support, and are encouraged to continue their service over a multi-year period with their Take Stock in Children student.  Could you be our next great Mentor?

4. Academic Assistance: Student Advocates/Case Managers

Each child in the program is assigned a student advocate/case manager who meets with the student and provides assistance and program support to ensure his or her academic success. Student advocates work closely with mentors and school personnel to confirm that each child is achieving continued success.

5. College Scholarships: Hope for a Better Future

Each child who successfully fulfills the requirements of Take Stock in Children receives a fully paid college tuition scholarship. Students who prefer post-secondary vocational training may select a vocational education option or a course of study at a community college leading to a two-year technical degree.

6. Continuation of Mentoring: Increasing Likelihood of College Graduation

At Take Stock in Children, we want to ensure a successful transition into college. We provide college transition and college retention services for our students through their freshmen year of college attendance.