Take Stock in Children Application Process FAQ

What is TSIC?

​​A statewide program providing an educational pathway for low-income students by providing scholarships, mentors, and hope. 

What do students receive through TSIC participation?

  • College readiness services through individualized College Success Coaching and group workshops/events
  •  A TSIC mentor
  •  A scholarship upon successful completion of the program (Florida Prepaid College Foundation Project STARS 2-year Tuition Scholarship)

What should I prepare to provide on the application?

  • Demographic information, household information, and family history
  • The student’s social security number (see additional information in the FAQ)
  • Financial information and documentation (see additional information in the FAQ)
  • The student’s academic and social interests
  • Student and parent statements

Do I need to enter social security numbers on the application?

  • Students must have a valid social security number to be eligible for TSIC participation, as it is a requirement to be assigned a Florida Prepaid account). If you are not comfortable submitting this early in the process and/or on the online form, you may enter zeros and make a note in the parent/guardian statement to confirm that the student has a valid SSN and that you will provide a paper copy of the social security card to your student’s school for the TSIC office to pick-up if the student moves to the next step of the process.
  • The application also has a field for the parent/guardian’s social security number. It is NOT a requirement to enter that information.

Do I need to submit my income documentation through the online form?

  • While documentation is required (see the income eligibility document for details), if a family is not comfortable submitting this early in the process and/or on the online form, they may upload a document that states the type of documentation they agree to submit if the student is selected to move to the next stage of the process (e.g., the current year 1040) in the upload field for income documentation.

Rolling Admissions: Completed applications will be reviewed continuously this year, with admission to the program occurring throughout the school year until all open spots are filled. The sooner you complete your application, the sooner it will be reviewed.

Additional questions?

Please contact the TSIC Pasco program by phone or email with any additional questions. All emails on the application process should be directed to the TSIC Program Director.